Saturday, April 24, 2010


Something that I am good at, rambling on and on. lol

I promise though I won't be doing that.

But I am going to post some random thoughts that I have been having lately.

I am excited as hell to be moving back to Florida and going back to work at Disney. But at the same time I am sad because I won't get to see my husband every day (unless its on Skype) Right now though we are used to that unfortunately due to his job. =(

I am hoping this program is as good as my first one. But at the same time I looking forward to new experiences and know that I cannot compare the two, because they are two separate things.

I am looking forward to all the new friends that I am going to be making. (and have already made, right TinkerJenn?)

And that is all for now. It's raining again. Bleh. I have laundry to do. Bigger Bleh. And I have homework that needs to be done as well. Double Bleh.

Another picture. Gotta love that I am thinking in it. Wonder what I was thinking about.


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