Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Closer

Well I turned in my last final yesterday. Got a B in my class. So 4 Paramedic semesters down just my summer one to go. =) Yay!

I will be leaving here in a few to go up to Bloomington to pick up one of my bestest friends Courtney. She's coming to visit because I graduate tomorrow. And then we are going to spend Saturday and Sunday up in Chicago! I am sooooooooooo excited for that because she has never been to Chicago and I have only been once and that's been like 8ish years ago.

Bought my first NEW thing for the college program. It's one of those weekly To Do lists that can hang on the fridge but it is PERFECT to keep track of schedules on. How clever am I? lol A dork I know.

Nothing else to exciting is going on. Jenn graduates this weekend to. yay! But again other than that nothing to awful exciting.

But I need to go finish my laundry for the weekend. Talk to ya'll soon. (109 days, getting closer to the double digits.)

Have you heard the best kept Disney secret?

"Have you heard the best kept Disney secret?" (I can put these stickers on my sister's backpack walking in Frontierland and she doesn't know it until we hit the Tomorrowland Transit Authority 20 minutes later. heheheh)

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