Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So I have gotten both my night shot and character training done. :-D Both of these take place at EPCOT so I got to work in a new park for a few days. Night shots are pretty much self explanatory. We take pictures of the Icons at night. For these we get to use a tripod, exciting. Except at DAK we very rarely shoot at night. In fact the other night when I did shoot at night I completely forgot to change some of my settings. Oopsie!

But character traininf was alot more fun and where I probably feel the most comfortable. Simply for the fact that I am very used to being around the characters and taking pictures of them. I have only had 5 years of practicing that.

I have had two shifts so far where I have gotten to hang out with Pooh and Eeyore and that was fun. I have definitely seen the amount of photos that I take go up exponentially. And my poor arms can barely keep up.

But that is all for now guys. I will post pics later from my laptop.


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