Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Packing.......Oh So Much Fun!

Right...... I am sure everyone of you can hear the sarcasm!

So far I feel as though I have nothing packed. Even though I look around and see boxes of stuff!!!

Pretty much as of right now I have the majority of my DVDs that are going with me packed, my bedding, my swim stuff, my towels, and my hoodies packed. Beyond that I don't have much else done. I have some stuff put back in their original boxes but those boxes now need to be packed. lol Otherwise I will just be carrying a bunch of smaller boxes into my apartment. Which might end up being what happens. Here in a few weeks I will be able to start packing my clothes, but until then I get to feel really really unorganized and unpacked. Ugh.

I did dig out my bag of name tags that is going to go with me. Since I have a really bad habit of forgetting my name tag I have managed to acquire a few that I can use in the case of emergencies! So that is one thing that needs to be packed.

So far though I have also have been given a small stick vacuum for my apartment (because I am too lazy to go to the front desk to borrow one), bought a light that can either go in my bedroom or in the living room that has a reading lamp on it so I can just use that to read and hopefully not disturb anybody (too much), a blender that has a spigot on it so you can dispense the drink without taking the blender off of the base, a small George Foreman grill, my Mickey Mouse trash can and a small tumbler for the bathroom, my laundry hamper, and I made a really cool memo board for my bedroom. I am also bringing a toaster oven with me because I love toast and that is one thing that doesn't come with the apartment. Something else I recommend is a Brita water pitcher (or Pur) because the water in Florida has a sulfur taste to it and can be gross (especially if you are not used to it) I know I am probably missing some things that I have already picked up, but I will be posting an updated list here in the next few days, once I make a complete inventory of what I have and what I need.

But on that note I am going to stop rambling on. And I will leave you with another picture of something to look forward to in September and October at Walt Disney World. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. I love going to these when I can. They are so much fun, and some of the characters are dressed up in Halloween costumes. Plus it is one of the few times you get to see Snow White with all seven of the Dwarfs and one of the few times you can get pictures with the Villians.

Haunted Mansion Pet Cemetary
This is the Pet Cemetery at the end of Haunted Mansion and how it looks during the Halloween parties!!!

24 days til I leave for Florida and 28 days until I check in.

Until next time,


You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality. ~Walt Disney~

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