Thursday, September 16, 2010

Long time no see....

So I have been here for two weeks and what an interesting 2 weeks it has been.

First there was Check-In. And then I had a few days off because I did not need to go to Traditions. So instead I went to Typhoon Lagoon with Courtney. Because that is what I do.

Then training started 5 days of being reminded how to do my job. Not bad. They actually said they would pull me from my last 3 days of training, but they didn't have a place to schedule me so I could stay if I wanted the hours. Um, yes please.

Since then it has been just work and days off.

We have also had roommate drama. Ugh. Started off with a grease fire that scorched an entire wall and countertop. Then ended yesterday with her moving out. End of that story.

Today I am heading into work. Yay! Hanging out with Pooh and Tigger for a few hours.

Tomorrow I have a CP focus group at Vista Way, probably going to one of the Water Parks for a bit, run a few errands and then pick my husband up at the airport. =)

I will add some pictures later.


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